• Welsh politician of the year 2012

    Last night I had the pleasure of attending the WPOTY awards ceremony at Cardiff City Hall. The event, organised by the Wales Yearbook, was well attended by politicians of every hue, as well as lobbyists, party hacks and all the usual Bay suspects. Cardiff City Hall is the venue of the RenewableUK Cymru annual conference […]

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  • image25

    Ed Davey – investment will boost economy

    Energy bill: Ed Davey – “investment will boost economy” video   The energy secretary, Ed Davey, says the government is helping people save money on their energy. Britain needs billions of pounds of investment in its ageing energy infrastructure. He is speaking ahead of a statement in the Commons announcing an energy bill to power […]

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  • Cardiff Transition logo (RGB) XL

    Act Local, Think Global 29th November

    Location: Mackintosh Residents Community Centre, Keppoch Street, Cardiff Living sustainably in its fullest sense means thinking about the impact our daily lives have on the planet and the people who live on it. We can learn so much from how other people live and also be inspired to keep moving forward in our own lives. The “Acting Local, Thinking […]

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